The best podcasts for a digital agency owner

If you’re thinking about joining the world of agency business in digital marketing, you’re probably looking for more information on the topic. Perhaps you’re an agency head looking to expand your team or a business owner looking to get more of your target audience. Podcasts are what I recommend for you!

Maybe you have heard of this format before but have never given it a try. Podcasts are on-demand audio shows that are produced on the web or in apps for your listening pleasure. By the way, podcast applications are more trendy now, as they are more convenient to listen to in the car. Many are pretty lengthy but can hit on some interesting topics, often sharing insights into some aspects of business, tech, or marketing.

There are tons of podcasts that can help you get the information you need about agency, business, leadership, and stuff. And I want to suggest the best ones (of course, in my opinion).

Podcasts about business

THRIVE: Your Agency Resource by Kelly Campbell

This podcast is hosted by the former digital agency owner and a Conscious Leadership Coach currently. Kelly Campbell gives indispensable advice based on a huge experience in this industry. I truly recommend this podcast for those who want to grow their agency business and build leadership skills most effectively.

The Tropical MBA Podcast – Entrepreneurship, Travel, and Lifestyle by Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen

What do travel and business have in common? It’s freedom. The Tropical MBA Podcast tells about people who combine travel and business and become truly free. Every Thursday, listeners discover fascinating stories of entrepreneurs that launched international companies while traveling around the world.

The Digital Marketing Podcast by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles

This podcast is fully dedicated to digital marketing. If you want to know the latest news about online promotion and be aware of the most effective DM tools, subscribe to The Digital Marketing Podcast. It’s both expert and exciting.

Inbound Back Office

With this podcast, you will learn more about inbound marketing agencies and how it works from the inside. In every weekly episode, hosts talk with owners about problems, challenges, and perspectives in this area.

Other great podcasts

TED Talks Daily (SD video)

I believe everyone knows what TED is. If you’re looking for insights, subscribe to this video podcast. TED talks share great ideas and inspire.

Global News Podcast by BBC

Who owns the information owns the world. Just accept this. But it’s way better when you if you follow trusted sources. Global News Podcast by BBC is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to be aware.


In conclusion, there are many podcasts out there that are centered on digital marketing, agency management, leadership, and lifestyle at all. I haven’t featured them all here, but instead, I’ve given you a starting point to find your favorite ones. I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to hear how they’ve helped you and your business.