Today marketing rules every kind of business. Even the most conservative businessmen know that fact. Even small farms use marketing tools and services to promote their goods. Lots of pros are looking for a new way to sell their services to those who are eager to pay for them. If working as an employee seems monotonous and unpromising to you, maybe it’s time to take a step ahead and start an online advertising business? I’ve got good tips for new players in this field I’m ready to share.

What is marketing and why is it so important today?

Talking about starting a new business, it’s essential to get through its general terms and definitions. Marketing is an engine that makes your business working for your profit. In dictionaries, this term always refers to learning the market and investigating the strategy on how to promote a product describing its bright sides to a potential customer. It smells like something outdated. In the real world, it’s a powerful tool that encourages a customer not just to buy your goods&services but also to return to you once, twice, a hundred times being your loyal client. First of all, it encloses the needs and pains of a customer you want to relieve.

The best description and metaphor will be Ariadne’s thread that guides a customer to make a perfect choice. This choice is your product. In that case, when you learn how to start a digital marketing agency, it’s essential to think out what and how you are ready to sell via your skills, tools, and experience. Someone says that only a pro with decades of experience can do this. Yep, maybe. But it’s also a factor of fresh air that is involved by newcomers. They can see with a new perspective rather than being guided by standard solutions. So you haven’t fear establishing your business in such a promising area as digital marketing.

Some tips on how to run a successful digital marketing agency

Let’s talk a bit about what is necessary when setting up an online ad agency. Do some people ask if digital marketing is a tough job? This question has both options to answer. Yes, it’s a tough job that requires your creativity and common sense at once. No, it could be a real pleasure to get a brilliant result after hours of mindstorms, edits, searching for your way. We can say the result is always worth your efforts.

What is necessary when you decide to start your online marketing agency? Get some tips.

  1. Learning is a natural process for every marketer. You shouldn’t stick in a moment as the market changes every day, every moment. Be curious and inquiring to be on the crest of the wave leaving your competitors out of the game.
  2. The customer should work with you side by side. Only full contact with multiple brainstorms, ideas, sketches, and constant communication with the customer will bring you efficiency. In my agency, there is a rule. We communicate with clients at least 1 time a week. They need to feel progress.
  3. Some people think it requires considerable investments as you have to build a large company with extended personnel. Nothing of the sort! You can start your MA with only you in the company state. Of course, if you’re ready to perform all the stages of your marketing campaign by yourself. Don’t forget about convenient and non-costly options of outstaffing and outsourcing. It can help you involve pros in the area you need without permanent employment.
  4. Use all actual digital tools for your promotion first. You’ll get applications that way and also train yourself. Having a website, pages in social networks like Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram along with your Google Business account is essential when you think about how to start an online marketing business.
  5. Don’t be afraid to be creative even when your client is a huge corporation. Only innovative and provocative solutions rule.
  6. Study your mistakes. Everyone has them. Even Elon Musk. Make your failures your powerful armor to avoid drawbacks in the future. No risk, no reward.

It sounds like something encouraging but it works.

First 10 steps in building your MA business

You’ve already made a decision. What should you do first? Finding an office to rent? Establishing your advertising campaign? Getting scared and trembling a bit? Better, read my 10 steps on how to start an online marketing business! You’ll evaluate them, I bet.

  1. Don’t think everything will be easy as a piece of cake. Nope. Be prepared to spend sleepless nights and hard days to get a result.
  2. Come up with the strategy. Shooting unaimed is wasting your time. Time is money, you know. Only precise knowledge of your goals makes an effect. Thinking about how to start a marketing business, better think about what you want from it: fame, money, scaling up of your business, or pleasure from doing your job well? Setting goals is a standard process. Firstly, put an aim to get the first client. Then, think that getting 10+ cases in your portfolio may be a good idea. Then you may think you should get higher… Only step-by-step planning and thorough execution of your plan will be fruitful. But be aware that your goals should be achievable. Getting a 5-score profit after a month of work seems a fantasy not impracticable.
  3. Set timelines. Blurry goals don’t work. Make strict timelines for each stage of your work. It will also help you in the future as every customer wants the work to be done timely.
  4. Create some templates to be at your hand when you communicate with a customer. It means you should create some ideas you can sell to a client beforehand. Thoroughly analyze what you’re eager to provide your customers with to create some templates to send them.
  5. Analyze the sources of getting your target audience. Where should you advertise your services? To whom your ads will apply? Finding an exclusive niche is a guarantee of your success. Get all your bright sides to make proposals that will find feedback from potential customers.
  6. Networking is ruling the world. Build strong relationships both with pros you need to fulfill the requirements of a customer and with competitors. Exchanging your experience, creating tight bonds with your previous chief and crew may come in handy sometimes i. e. they may give you their order to fulfill if they’re not competent with it or they may help you by outsourcing a part of the work to be done timely. Lots of options, you know.
  7. Make your brand identified clearly. It means, work hard on making your agency’s branding memorable and interesting to get maximum attention from potential customers as the market is full of competitors who also think how do I start my own digital marketing agency.
  8. Online is your space. Today only the most prehistoric and colossal brands stay away from online promotion. They’re not your clientele, we bet. So make your visual image online bright and remarkable to be seen on the market. Pay attention to your website’s usability, user-friendly interface, and adaptability to all the devices.
  9. If you have a lack of money, think out where to get them with minimal expenses in the future. Maybe, it will be involving a single investor to be your partner or a bank loan or even selling your property.
  10. Keep learning and investing in your skill-up process. Marketing is not a monument. It’s fluid every day sniffing the air. So should you. Even if you have no experience, you shouldn’t stay still thinking money will come to you on its own. Only hard-working and constant-learning behavior gives you profit.

So, take our tips to make a great start. You’ll overcome it.

What tools do you need when starting a marketing agency?

One more question that’s always on the top among people who ask how to start a digital marketing company from scratch is the toolkit required today.

What can we say in that case? Practice makes perfect, and you’ll probably get your TOP list after a few years of practice. What to begin with? Get some advice from us. All the tools that are necessary for a marketer and an owner are divided into a few types.

  1. Apply for a reliable task manager to get through all the tasks you have daily. It helps to track the timelines and deadlines of a project. Examples: Asana, Trello, Nifty.
  2. If you’re working with a team not alone, you also need a multifunctional messenger as lots of your remote employees. It’s your choice as there are lots of opportunities like Slack, Telegram, Discord.
  3. Get your team expertized by the internal database provided by Confluence or Zoho Wiki. It helps you onboard new teammates smoother and improves your inner processes.
  4. Special apps for every type of activity. Lots of toolsets are invented for SEO, email marketing, SMM, PPC, or web analytics goals. I’ll specify them in other articles.
  5. Of course, you need cloud storage, email, calendar, etc. The easiest way is to use Google Workspace. It has all the required services and tools.

You’re not obliged to use a conventional toolset. Every type can be helpful if you know how to implement it.

How to find a client

One more question that appears when you’re searching for how to make a marketing company is a question of clients. We can say there are also lots of options to start a business. You may appreciate those:

  1. Word of mouth. If you start your career from a random customer and perform his order to good effect, he will recommend you to his friends and counterparts. Despite all the advertising tools, word of mouth is working impeccably. But you can’t rely only on that channel.
  2. Friends and relatives. Today, 1/3 of all people want to do business not to work for somebody. Your services will come in handy to them. In case you’ll deal with their cases with success, still, the same word of mouth will work perfectly advertising you.
  3. If you’ve been working with success in the field of marketing before providing good networking with colleagues and chiefs, they may be happy to advise your agency to their counterparties or friends. That’s also a way out for you to start a business.
  4. Being independent is essential. In this case, better refer to independent and sometimes even free platforms. I mean, freelance exchanges and websites to search for customers.
  5. Social media is ruling. Everyone has an account on some social media. It can be a Facebook account, Instagram feed, or stories where you can advertise your services. You can also search for future customers among your contacts on social pages and even by telephone. Maybe someone is seeking a marketer?

We’ll dive deeper into the customer acquiring topic. I’ll tell you more about ratings, webinars, and conferences.

What about services? What can you propose to a client?

Marketing strife. It’s one thing to come up with an advertising campaign for a large brand and quite another to write several SEO texts for a landing page. It should be taken into account when forming your proposal for clients. Therefore, it’s better to think over what exactly you can offer potential customers: making a turnkey website, writing selling texts, a full-fledged advertising campaign on Google, promoting a brand on social networks, or all of this taken together?

5 Mistakes people make when starting a digital agency

What can go wrong when you once thought about how do I start with a digital marketing agency with no experience? There are at least 10 primary things. Let’s check them out.

  1. Set unclear goals. If you’re thinking kinda ‘my project will shoot out and make a big bang’ it’s a wrong strategy. Set clear goals with timelines.
  2. Don’t think of it as your terminal chance. Don’t make extra debts to start. It’s always a possibility to fail, so be aware of it.
  3. On the contrary, setting up a business without any budget on your bank account is a drawback in itself. You have to pay for work, advertise your company, pay for the electricity you spend with your laptop, etc.
  4. When you’re considering “should I start a digital marketing agency”, you may think it will be easy. Just sitting on the chair creating some ideas to implement by others hands. Nope. You have to work hard to get any positive result. It doesn’t work in other cases.
  5. Seeking staff is a die-hard deal. But lots of agencies fail when relying on freelancers and outsourcers. Make a thorough investigation when choosing a pro to get into your project. In other cases, you may get a disappointment of a client and a low rating in reviewers and social networks.


Let’s summarize it. Digital marketing is a good business to start. Especially when you’re creative, acknowledged in marketing, and eager to study. It can be a great idea to start a business even if you’re alone. But be aware of some specifics that make you successful or upsets you down if you fail. It is choosing the right services and the correct channels of promotion of your services. It’s also a strict adherence to your goals that’s essential to get a profitable result. Don’t fear to act as a full newbie! Marketing is an area that’s fed by new ideas and methods. Maybe, it’s yours that will be a total breakout.